Hello, Hello, Hello! 

My name is Natalia Kataoka, and I am a very curious-driven-always laughing person.

My passion for Music, Photography and Visual Design give me a desire to look for better solutions in search of doing (and learning) something different every day.


I have been incredibly fortunate to put my experience to work with photography, visual identities, branding, collaterals, web, digital, editorial, social media and branded content.

I proudly own a Bachelor's Degree in Advertising and Marketing and a College Diploma in Interactive Media Design. My experience as a Graphic and Digital Design started in 2006, with companies from Brazil, London (UK) and now, Toronto.

I am currently working at TD Securities as a Visual Designer in Toronto, but I'm open for freelance work as well.  :)

Have a great day and hope to see you soon.
Thank you!
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